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Juggy The Java Finch

Juggy, The Java Finch, is a member of a strong and numerous family of Java users and likes
flying and hot climates, although he' s willing to go everywhere to do Java Evangelism.
Juggy is a Java Finch, native of the Java Island in Indonesia, and also
know as the Java Rice Bird. Although his impressive beak look quite dangerous, Juggy is in fact
peaceful and go along very well with other species, even ones that use different languages.
Juggy is an official representative of the Java User Groups Community, and has visited
many places to discuss and promote Java Technology.



So, in 2007 I traveled to several places. Visiting Java User Groups in many cities and countries, I saw lots of my best friends Java User Group leaders and members all over the world. I also made...

I visited the Czech Republic last year, where I met the guys from NetBeans and was even invited to be part of the NetBeans 5.5 launch party.

JavaPolis was a great event, and I wanted to learn about open source projects. Is there a better way to learn then to go talk with the people responsible for the projects?


Once Java SE 6 was released, I took my chances and went directly to the man in charge, to ask him what he liked most about it. Must admit,...

Last December I quickly flew to Europe, for JavaPolis, one of the most important Java events in the world.

On the day Sun announced it was releasing its Java implementation under an open source license, I set out to interview Duke on his thoughs about it.

The interview didn't go as I expected,...

Hi all.

My name is Juggy, The Java Finch. Nice to meet you. Thank you for being here. This is my first blog.

This week I attend JavaOne. It is a wonderful event. Lots of Java...