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David Herron

David Herron is a writer and green technology advocate living in Silicon Valley. He had worked for 10+ years in the Java SE Quality Engineering team. Work there included open source community engagement, mentoring team members, running contests, developing test suites and GUI test automation tools. He was a co-author of the original java.awt.Robot class. His prior experience is in development roles, in cross-platform GUI toolkits, and electronic mail systems. David graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1988. David's other blog sites include David Herron .com, Seven General Ruminations (covering sustainability, alternate energy, etc), VisForVoltage (an electric vehicle discussion forum) and writing for as the Green Transportation Examiner.


It takes a village to grow an open source project. Any open source project lives from a wide range of contributions, not just bug fixes, new features, and other changes to the software, but evangelism, user groups, artwork, and more. The OpenJDK Quality Team is being formed by Sun's Java SE quality...


The leader of the Findbugs project, Bill Pugh visited Sun this week. He gave talks to various teams about the tool, showing its...

In last weeks javalobby newsletter, Rick Ross openly asked about whether Sun would be supporting IE7 in Java. If...

This is prompted by a feature request I saw on the JDIC bulletin board:

My first posting drew a question "does Sun use 'test first development' practices". So, let's talk about that a bit.

I am new to the blogging crew, and since this is my first posting here I thought to introduce myself.

My name is David Herron and I work in the Java SE Quality Engineering team.