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Masood Mortazavi

Currently, Masood Mortazavi manages several teams of Sun engineers
working on open-source technologies such as Apache / Derby (Java
DB), MySQL Connectors, MySQL Docs and MySQL Developer Tools. He has
also managed Sun's PostgreSQL and ORM teams prior to the MySQL
acquisition. Masood joined Sun Microsystems' Java Software unit in
1999 as a member of the original J2EE team. He developed
distributed transaction capabilities in RMI-IIOP and led the
development team for GIOP 1.2. As a member of the carrier-grade
J2EE project at Sun, he developed service control platforms and
started a number of collaborations with SMI's mobile
telecommunications partners. He has worked on SIP/IMS technologies
for Sun and designed and developed a failure detection and recovery
platform for cooperating processes. Masood has worked at Nasa Ames
(Sterling Software), on DARPA projects (Teknowledge Corp.) and on
satellite ground systems (Hughes) as well as for China National
Petroleum Company. He has graduate degrees in business (MBA,
Berkeley), journalism (M.J.. Berkeley) and scientific computing
(Ph.D. in computational fluid dynamics, Davis) and did several
years of post-graduate work in logic and methodology of science at
UC Berkeley. He has published many technical papers and has
multiple patents. He maintains separate weblogs at
and at



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