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Arun Gupta

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This screencast shows how to create a simple...


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explained how a Data Table widget can be populated from a

One of the Sun Tech Days event is...

1500 developers kick started 10th anniversary Tech Day event at the

Rama and I
presented on Metro and
jMaki in...

What are the dates...

Mid West Java Tech Days
concluded in Minneapolis earlier today.

First, here are some facts I learned about Minneapolis:

The current Rails Gem (version 1.2.5) gives an error when
creating a Controller in a JRuby-on-Rails application on Windows. It gives the
following error during controller...

In a

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, I posted instructions on how to setup Mongrel cluster
for JRuby-on-Rails...

A user

how to invoke a Java EE 5 Web service from JRuby.

The Web services support in
NetBeans 6
is further simplified from NetBeans 5.5.1. There are two main
points I like:

Here is a summary of my Europe Summer 2007 Trip Report:

Sun Tech Days Rome 2007 was kick started by Maria Grazia
Filippini (Director General, Sun Microsystems Italy) to a room full of approx
300 audience. She was followed by...

I attended and presented at

NetBeans Day Rome
earlier today.

Day 3 started with reminders about
RubyConf 2007

Day 2 started with regular announcements and keynote by DHH. The
demographic distribution of approximately 750 attendees was shown in the
filler slides right before the keynote:

Arrived in Berlin 2 days ago for
Rails Conf Europe

The support for Rails in
NetBeans IDE has improved considerably in the past few days.

Jerome has been
working on GlassFish gem for