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Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta is a Java EE & GlassFish Evangelist working at Oracle. Arun has over 14 years of experience in software industry working in various distributed computing technologies, Java(TM) platform, and several web-related technologies. In his current role, he works very closely to create and foster the community around Java EE & GlassFish and related technologies.



In a

previous screencast
, I showed how to develop a Rails application fetching
data from the...

The client-side stubs generated by
JAX-WS (part of
Metro) are pre-configured with the...

I'm starting a new series today called Tip Of The
Day. In this series I'll respond to technical questions asked directly to
me, on forums or...

Here are some quotes from a recent report by
Forrester Wave on the "...

In a

previous screencast
, I showed how a Rails application can be deployed as WAR
file on...

UPDATE: Simplified steps for
V2 are available

JRuby image Get ready for an interactive afternoon of coding...

SAVE THE DATE: Aug 23, 2007, 9:00am to 12:00pm

Metro provides Secure, Reliable,
Transactional and .NET 3.0 interoperable Web services stack in

A jMaki widget in a page can
communicate with:

What is jMaki ?

If you have been following
my blog, then you know
it already. But...

I updated the

running log filter
to the one given below. This allows me to generate the

Based upon a

user request
, this is a follow up entry to show how

Rama described how
to run


Thursday (Jul 19) is the last day of
Mashup Camp.
Greg gave a...

jMaki allows filter to be
configured on a widget. A filter is a JavaScript code fragment that performs
data conversion from one object...

Metro - the Web services stack in
GlassFish - was announced