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Arun Gupta

Arun Gupta is Director of Developer Advocacy at Red Hat and focuses on JBoss Middleware. As a founding member of the Java EE team at Sun Microsystems, he spread the love for technology all around the world. At Oracle, he led a cross-functional team to drive the global launch of the Java EE 7 platform through strategy, planning, and execution of content, marketing campaigns, and program. After authoring ~1400 blogs at on different Java technologies, he continues to promote Red Hat technologies and products at Arun has extensive speaking experience in 37 countries on myriad topics and is a JavaOne Rockstar. An author of a best-selling book, an avid runner, a globe trotter, a Java Champion, he is easily accessible at @arungupta.

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v3 Prelude
is now href="">available....

This blog shows how to get started with Edge Rails (2.2, href="">almost


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Yaaay, 50th tip!! The previous 49 tips are available href="">here.

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CIO published an href="">article
highlighting 5 cheap...

"Sun moving away from SOAP to embrace REST" is the misleading title
of an article recently published in href="

This is a follow up to href="">TOTD
#48 which showed how to convert a JSF 1.2 application to use

#47 showed how to deploy a JSF 1.2 application (using
Facelets and Ajax/JSF...

Java Server Faces 2.0 href="">specification
(JSR 314...

Sun Student
Technology Camp
is an effort to educate students about what
is going on in the world of technology. If you are a...

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Tech Days
kick started yesterday in the beautiful city of href="">Sao...

Andreas blogged about why he href="">likes
JRuby even though he dislikes Java....

Mauricio href="">Doris,  href="

Started San Francisco 2 days back, through Washington Dulles, with a
stop over @ Rio de Janeiro and finally arrived Brasilia yesterday.
The local airlines (TAM) from Rio to...

During href="">Rails
Conf Europe 2008 href="

This blog updates href="">TOTD
#45 to use Facelets...
is one-stop for all students interested in Sun Microsystems.

It has content related to all students:

Alex De Marco is a href="">happy
user of FREE 12-months GlassFish Hosting @ OStatic. Here is...

#42 explained how to create a simple Java Server Faces
application using...

September is the href="">month
of Java in Brazil. There are developer events and Java


Last day of Rails Conf Europe 2008 ( href="">Day
1 & href="

Conf Europe 2008
Day 1 was mostly about href="

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