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Daniel H. Steinberg

Daniel Steinberg runs and is former editor-in-chief of



Excerpts from the JavaOne 2009 MIDP 3.0 In Depth: Tutorials and Demonstrations session with Roger Riggs, Lakshmi Dontamsetti and Stan Kao.
Excerpts from the JavaOne 2009 MIDP 3.0 session with Angus Huang, Roger Riggs, and Paul Su.
Excerpts from the JavaOne 2009 Augmented Reality session with Kenneth Andersson and Erik Hellman of Sony Ericsson.
David "Lefty" Schlesinger, Director of Open Source Technologies at Access, shares his views on open source with Terrence Barr.
A conversation with Robert Virkus of Enough Software about J2MEPolish and the "Mobile Deverloper's Guide to the Galaxy"
Eloi Junior from Brazil has just opened the Tranqueira project and shares his experience in using LWUIT.
Kay Glahn from Vodafone Group R&D and Erkki Rysa from Nokia share the new features in MSA2 in this abbreviated feature from JavaOne.
Highlights from the JavaOne session TS-4506 with hints & tips on migrating your Java ME applications to JavaFX Mobile.
An interview with Ph.D. candidate Valderi Leithardt in Brazil on using SunSpots for gesture recognition.
Excerpts of the panel discussion for the launch of JATAF (the Java Application Terminal Alignment Framework) at JavaOne.
A conversation with the organizers of Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days/Latin America in Goiania, Brazil.
Victor D'yakov talks about the new Java Device Testing Framework project in the Mobile & Embedded Community
Eric Areseneau talks about Java now being available for the FIRST 2010 Competition.
Roger Brinkley and Terrence Barr preview JavaOne 2009 for mobile, media and embedded developers.
JSR 290 developers Natalia Medvedenko and Petr Panteleyev talk about JSR 290 and the new power it will give Java ME developers.
Roy Ben Hayun on Java ME on Symbian OS
Vladimir Savchenko of Sound of Motion talks about their Java ME application that transforms their cycles into advanced cycling computer.
Daniel Green from Sun Microsystems talks about computers in education, getting kids excited, and computer clubs on thumb drives.
Ian Utting from the University of Kent and BlueJ and Greenfoot development talks about both products while at SIG/CSE.
Solomon Saul of DigiQuest shares his experience with games development on TV with Java as a programming language and the transition of DigiQuest products to mobile devices.
Tomas Brandalik and David Pulkrabek tell about the new features in the Early Access release of the Java ME Software Developer Kit
Eric Klein, VP of Java Marketing, tells you just about everything you want to know about the Java FX 1.1 release that is targeting mobile devices.
Thomas Schüppel of bit-side talks with Terrence about his companies experience developing on mobile devices.
Daniel Steinberg did a walk about the floor at the Mobile, Media and eMbedded Developer Days soliciting comments from the various attendees.
Phil Bender talks about the OpenCable project, its relationship to Tru2Way and his talk on the Tru2Way Roadmap and Mobile, Media, and Embedded Developer Days.
Juraj Svec and Jan Sterba of the JavaFX Mobile development team are preparing for JavaFX/Mobile presentations at Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days. Here them talk about the challenges in developing this platform in this introduction to JavaFX/Mobile.
Sean Sheedy was recently elected a JCP ME Executive Committee and is soliciting feedback on what developers think the EC should be addressing.
Eric Areseneau, M&E Governance Board member and Squawk project lead, was recently written up as a Contrarian Mind. Listen to his ideas on getting a Java Virtual Machine in small embedded systems.
Jonathan Knudsen talks about the LWUIT and the LWUIT Half Day Tutorial that he and Chen Fishbein will be giving the day after M3DD.
Jon Bostrom of MobiNoir Consulting is currently engaged on the Sprint Titan Project, bringing OSGi to Mobile.


Another year has come and gone and I still haven't been to the Colorado Software Summit. Last week's show conflicted with OOPSLA, The O'Reilly Mac OS X Con, and even Microsoft's PDC.

During his keynote at O'Reilly's Mac OS X conference, Andy Ihnatko described how he had written his own blogging software. Then it occurred to him that as new standards appeared that he wanted to...

The Virginia Tech supercomputer is ramping up for its official launch after the first of the year. We imagine an effective switcher ad for a project that was originally slated to deploy on Dells...

C++ designer Bjarne Stroustrup explains in his interview The C++ Style Sweet Spot "A lot of people see C++ as C with a few bits and...

The internet continues to provide virtual communities where people can come together and share ideas and collaborate. What about a place to go to play live music over the internet?


Hey Rocky, I know a great way to teach this difficult concept - watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.

Much of the perceived performance problems with Swing can be addressed by working better with the Swing single threading model. Jonathan Simon writes that you need to "execute code in the...

A wiki is a web site where every page is editable by anybody. It is a site that is easier for authors and harder for readers so what are wikis good for?

We've been looking at items that need renaming here at

While others argue about Swing vs. the SWT, there are many who sidestep the issue by using an HTML based front end.

Last month Will Iverson wrote about this in his blog...

Despite the economy, we still live in a boom time for new standards and APIs. While you try to keep up with the latest thing, it would be nice to figure out what is real and what isn't.

The familiar smell of crisp autumn morning air filled with fallen leaves always makes me nostalgic. This year it seems heightened by almost losing JavaWorld magazine.

Test first. Use RAD tools. Don't optimize early. There's lots of advice for the early stages of a program.

There are many "firsts" that you remember. One of them is the first computer you programmed.

Separating the components that make up your view makes your Swing application more flexible, robust, and maintainable. But that's just a first step. You can also factor out the common elements...

I recently set up a new computer. Installing the applications and getting everything working wasn't so hard - but they didn't feel quite right. I had to go through and reset my preferences and...

There's a new programmer competition for developing 3G applications for the Motorola A920 handset.

From the announcement...

There's plenty of pressure to run a leaner organization. You're being asked to squeeze every bit of productivity out of your team. Tell them to take half a day each week to "play".

There is always tension between programmers who design and develop JSP pages and the content providers who author or edit these pages. How much programming should a page author need to know...

How do you go about finding a grand challenge? The problem has to be worth solving and, to be grand, should require significant effort with a hope of being solved.


All of a sudden it seems as if everyone is talking about exceptions. Recent featured articles on have
recommended everything from using them in a...

Bill Joy says, "If I were to propose one thing that we as the human race need to do, I'd say we can't let the future just happen anymore. "

Oh, and did we mention, if you act now,...

Internationalizing your application is not just a matter of translating the words and checking with a native speaker that there aren't nuances you may have missed. You should also think about...

JavaCC, the Java Compiler Compiler, was open-sourced in June here on Their project has been one of the most...

One of the most enjoyable aspects of editing href=""> is hearing suggestions from
readers on how to improve our site.

A friend emailed that he had just seen the new front page and wondered when we changed it. His daily interaction with is through our RSS feed...

The shift to OO was supposed to, in part, place the functionality in the same place as the data it acted on. You would make requests of an object instead of operating directly on the data.

Is documentation part of a class's spec? What belongs in the code and what belongs in the docs?

The debate on handling exceptions and dealing with potential errors continues. You may remember this from James Gosling's July blog entry Flying...

After you finish writing your Java desktop application and QA it and polish it up - how do you deploy it? In some ways that depends on your audience. If you are targeting fellow geeks then maybe...