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Daniel H. Steinberg

Daniel Steinberg runs and is former editor-in-chief of



Excerpts from the JavaOne 2009 MIDP 3.0 In Depth: Tutorials and Demonstrations session with Roger Riggs, Lakshmi Dontamsetti and Stan Kao.
Excerpts from the JavaOne 2009 MIDP 3.0 session with Angus Huang, Roger Riggs, and Paul Su.
Excerpts from the JavaOne 2009 Augmented Reality session with Kenneth Andersson and Erik Hellman of Sony Ericsson.
David "Lefty" Schlesinger, Director of Open Source Technologies at Access, shares his views on open source with Terrence Barr.
A conversation with Robert Virkus of Enough Software about J2MEPolish and the "Mobile Deverloper's Guide to the Galaxy"
Eloi Junior from Brazil has just opened the Tranqueira project and shares his experience in using LWUIT.
Kay Glahn from Vodafone Group R&D and Erkki Rysa from Nokia share the new features in MSA2 in this abbreviated feature from JavaOne.
Highlights from the JavaOne session TS-4506 with hints & tips on migrating your Java ME applications to JavaFX Mobile.
An interview with Ph.D. candidate Valderi Leithardt in Brazil on using SunSpots for gesture recognition.
Excerpts of the panel discussion for the launch of JATAF (the Java Application Terminal Alignment Framework) at JavaOne.
A conversation with the organizers of Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days/Latin America in Goiania, Brazil.
Victor D'yakov talks about the new Java Device Testing Framework project in the Mobile & Embedded Community
Eric Areseneau talks about Java now being available for the FIRST 2010 Competition.
Roger Brinkley and Terrence Barr preview JavaOne 2009 for mobile, media and embedded developers.
JSR 290 developers Natalia Medvedenko and Petr Panteleyev talk about JSR 290 and the new power it will give Java ME developers.
Roy Ben Hayun on Java ME on Symbian OS
Vladimir Savchenko of Sound of Motion talks about their Java ME application that transforms their cycles into advanced cycling computer.
Daniel Green from Sun Microsystems talks about computers in education, getting kids excited, and computer clubs on thumb drives.
Ian Utting from the University of Kent and BlueJ and Greenfoot development talks about both products while at SIG/CSE.
Solomon Saul of DigiQuest shares his experience with games development on TV with Java as a programming language and the transition of DigiQuest products to mobile devices.
Tomas Brandalik and David Pulkrabek tell about the new features in the Early Access release of the Java ME Software Developer Kit
Eric Klein, VP of Java Marketing, tells you just about everything you want to know about the Java FX 1.1 release that is targeting mobile devices.
Thomas Schüppel of bit-side talks with Terrence about his companies experience developing on mobile devices.
Daniel Steinberg did a walk about the floor at the Mobile, Media and eMbedded Developer Days soliciting comments from the various attendees.
Phil Bender talks about the OpenCable project, its relationship to Tru2Way and his talk on the Tru2Way Roadmap and Mobile, Media, and Embedded Developer Days.
Juraj Svec and Jan Sterba of the JavaFX Mobile development team are preparing for JavaFX/Mobile presentations at Mobile, Media, and eMbedded Developer Days. Here them talk about the challenges in developing this platform in this introduction to JavaFX/Mobile.
Sean Sheedy was recently elected a JCP ME Executive Committee and is soliciting feedback on what developers think the EC should be addressing.
Eric Areseneau, M&E Governance Board member and Squawk project lead, was recently written up as a Contrarian Mind. Listen to his ideas on getting a Java Virtual Machine in small embedded systems.
Jonathan Knudsen talks about the LWUIT and the LWUIT Half Day Tutorial that he and Chen Fishbein will be giving the day after M3DD.
Jon Bostrom of MobiNoir Consulting is currently engaged on the Sprint Titan Project, bringing OSGi to Mobile.


Ward Cunningham writes "As of December, 2003, I've taken a position at Microsoft with the title Architect."

Hmmm. I have a semi-reliable memory of an exchange that followed Doc Searls'...

For many, the end of the year means vacations: hanging out at home with your family, traveling, relaxing, or finally having time to work on your favorite open source project.

Check out the events listing at the end of this daily blog. The host countries listed are France, the United States, Brazil, England, and Russia.

"Traditions of computer science and software engineering have tried to turn all aspects of software creation into a pure engineering discipline, when they clearly are not. The MFA in software...

While Joshua Marinacci presents his ideas on making your Java desktop applications feel more like native applications, you can play along at home.

When you double-click an application, how do you know that it has been written in Java? Is it important that you know?

Imagine adding methods and variables to objects at runtime. Seems odd - how do other objects know what methods they can call. Seems scary. Seems kind of cool.

Yesterday Sun announced that they would not be joining the Eclipse project. At least not now.

"No" answers Richard Monson-Haefel in his examination of IBM and BEA's decision to "propose three new JSRs (235, 236, and 237) based on specifications that they had already developed."

No, this isn't FUD from someone trying to scare you away from using any open source project. The roots are in a blog entry that asks how you decide when an open source tool is worth the price...

Bob Martin writes, "As debuggers have grown in power and capability, they have become more and more harmful to the process of software development."

With JSP 2.0 going final, we've been running quite a few articles on this topic as part of our November feature. We continue with an article that Sue Spielman has written pulling highlights from...

Today is Thanksgiving in the US. Yesterday, I went to my four year old daughter's pre-school for their Thanksgiving lunch.

"Not only is Java a high-level programming language, but it is also a program that focuses on the representation of data, performs multithreaded tasks, and runs independent of computers, which...

Do you ever miss the bulldozer? You remember, in the early days, when it was time for garbage collection in a Java application everything would stop. To call out this advanced feature and to...

Since before launched in June (before it was called we had this notion that the content would not need to be restricted to Java-centric topics but should be of interest to Java...

It doesn't seem as if more than a month has passed since we first told you the JavaOne submissions deadline was November 21. But that day has come and many of us will be flooding the server with...

I received an email the other day informing me that my credit card had been improperly billed and that if I wanted it rectified all I had to do was reply providing them with my credit card number...

The JCP now has approximately the same number of individual members as corporate members (commercial entities and educational/non-profit organizations). How will the increasing number of...

Remember going to rock concerts when you were younger. The music, the t-shirts, the shared experience, and, of course, the musicians.

ApacheCon is a week in the desert with a wide range of talks on all of your favorite Apache projects. Richard Monson-...

We have a few articles coming up in the next few weeks on JSPs. It's a bit of a theme. JSPs are not the only topic of articles we will be publishing but they are a mini-feature. If you have...

Last night we had high winds in the midwest. Our house lost a piece of gutter and my office window blew open scattering papers everywhere. I interpret entropy to mean that the wind could not...

Is the best documentation for code the code itself? In Gosling's recent work the code is seen as one of the ways to view a program. Bill Venners paraphrases Gosling as saying "if the notion of...

"I believe in Swing. I really think it's the best toolkit for writing robust cross-platform applications. However, if we don't do something to jumpstart it's growth then it'll die along with the...

One of the reasons I like introducing young people to programming is there is a lack of ambiguity. In a programming class often the instructor and students are on the same side. The instructor is...

Sometimes a solution is so compelling that you immediately get it. You understand the problem space and the need for a solution and suddenly one appears that is appropriately simple. Therefore,...

"SOAP was originally an acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol. (Now it's just a name.)"

UML 2 is due to be released in the Spring. Martin Fowler blogs that the acronym may more accurately stand for the "Unwanted Modeling Language".

Separating business and presentation is a recurring theme. In a web application you want to give the users quick feedback if they enter invalid data but you do not want to burden the page...