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Laird Nelson

Laird Nelson is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle where he works with the foundations of Java EE. He also plays a mean Hammond B3.



I learned this the hard way and wanted to make sure other people could benefit.

I wanted to describe an interesting problem I recently faced that involved the most excellent JAX-RS specification and its Jersey implementation.  The quick overview is that we wanted the...

This one tripped me up, and I thought I'd post it here. I have a case where I need to pour text into a JTextField, but have that JTextField look like a JLabel. So as I...

In Microsoft Outlook, along with probably dozens of other desktop applications, pressing ESC just about anywhere will cause the current window you're in to be cancelled.

In the prior entry, we learned that Java ships with several tools to standardize the conversion between...

See if this little scenario sounds familiar.

Child number two has kept me away from the blogosphere. As I write this, señor Nelson Jr. is busily learning how to access and destroy objects. Next up: garbage collection.

Long, long, long time no post. A job change and a two-year-old will do that to

On today's menu: how to make a JRootPane subclass that can pop
itself in and...

Here's a fun hack.

I (like everyone else in the world) have a collection of utilities I take
with me from job to job. It's served me well for several years now. These

Hello, first of all. It's an honor to be part of the weblogging community.

A discussion...