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Stephen Friedrich

Stephen Friedrich is a senior software engineer at Fortis IT-Services.
He lives in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany, with his wife and
five cats. Stephen worked his way from financial services' mainframe
environment through distributed C++ in the telco business and has found
his happy home in the Java community about six years ago. He developed
special interests in both Java desktop technology and database connectivity
while working on a number of commercial Java applications.
When not busy coding he is found dancing and teaching Lindy Hop.



In a new Swing project I was missing the alternative set of cut/copy/paste shortcuts and also the ability to quickly delete all characters up to the start or end of the current word.
I had...

Treats contained numbers sensible when comparing strings

Natural Order
(e.g. implemented in Windows XP's file explorer)

A little Java 2D can give your log messages much bigger visibility. Or find yourself your own
excuse to have some fun with ascii art graphics using Java 2D...