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Rich Burridge

Rich Burridge is a Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems where he has worked for over seventeen years. Currently with the Accessibility
group, he is the creator of the Shared Data Toolkit for Java Technology (JSDT) and a coauthor of the Java Message Service (JMS)
API specification.



If you were wondering why I've not posted anything in my weblog
recently, it's because
I've moved over to blogging at the...

Back in the late 70's, I was working in England for International
Computers Limited on mainframes and programming in a high-level
assembly language (no, that's not a contradiction in...

Here are a few comments and thoughts on various aspects of
doing a new release of an open source project. They might
not all apply to each project. They might all be obvious.

Quite often an open source project is started because somebody
wanted some functionality that didn't already exist (or that
they weren't aware of). A small project is released and it...

I'm an avid book reader. Anything from fiction through to
technical books.

Recently I've been trying to get various open source applications
running on Solaris on x86 machines. These were mostly GNOME
applications, but some of them were dependant upon...