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Srikanth Raju

Srikanth Raju is a Staff Engineer and Technology Evangelist at Sun Microsystems,
Inc. Srikanth has extensive experience in all areas of Java Technology. As a
Principal Java Wireless Technology Evangelist, Srikanth consults, speaks,
teaches and writes about Java and Wireless technologies. Srikanth has
published extensively and has spoken in technical conferences around the world
on subjects such as J2ME, J2EE, J2SE, Java and VM Performance Tuning, RFID,
Web Services, Java and .NET interoperability, Solaris, N1 Grid Provisioning,
etc. He also teaches Java and Wireless Programming at the University of
California Extension, Santa Cruz.



This is the first of what I hope to be a several part blogs about JavaOne and Mobility. Late last night, I finished a very draining and at the same time a very satisfying set of hands-on labs, a...