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Hans Muller

Hans is the CTO for Sun's Desktop division. He's been at Sun for over
15 years and has been involved with desktop GUI work of one kind
another for nearly all of that time. He's been involved with the Java
project since its earliest days and led the Swing team and later
all of the client Java work at Sun.



Want to divide a GUI into many resizable pieces? The two-sided JSplitPane is hopelessly primitive, so try Hans Muller's MultiSplitPane, a much more capable alternative. In this article, he shows how to create, persist, and restore complex, resizable layouts.
A simple combination of the current J2SE classes are sufficient to bind Swing GUI components to actions in a declarative form that's easily localized.


Introducing SceneGraph

I haven't written a blog entry since January when I advertised the fledgling

I've made a prototype of the fledgling JSR-296 API available,
it's href="">

Having written, by conservative estimates, about a jillion Java
Beans classes over the years, I have to say that I'm amazed that
we'd seriously consider changing the...

Javapolis Session Interrupted by Marriage Proposal


I've been writing the occasional small application recently and
now and then I blunder into a problem with Java SE that's,
uh..., well, annoying. I realize that I'm not the...

For the past five months or so, I've been working on a fledgling
project to define an application framework for Swing.

Tuesday morning this week, I was seated in the vast Moscone
keynote cavern, with 15,000 other Java developers, taking in the
start of another JavaOne conference. The keynotes and...

One aspect of many docking GUIs is support for reconfiguring tiled
subwindows by dragging shared subwindow edges. MultiSplitPane and
MultiSplitLayout support arbitraily complex tiled...

Every now and then someone drops by to ask about the slick chat/IM
demo components that were shown in the href="

About six months ago I had a dream. Not the sort of dream that makes
you wake up shrieking or smiling, and not the kind that brings you
down from the mountain top or even gets you...

It's my fault. The fact that adding a component to a JFrame required
one to explicitly add it to the JFrame's "contentPane" is my fault.
Early on in Swing's evolution we added a...

I've been trying to think of a way to humbly announce that
no lesser authority than Evans Data Corporation has reported
that Swing is the dominant GUI Toolkit for Northern American...

This past Saturday morning, a friend and I were in San Francisco at
Golden Gate park, walking out of the Speedway Meadow. It was cool and
overcast and the fog blanketed the tree tops...

Earlier this year I was fiddling around with the new
J2SE network



JavaOne 2005, Moscone Hall in San Francisco, Thursday at 2:30.

It's JavaOne 2005, Monday afternoon, and I'm drifting around Sun's
booths on the tradeshow floor. Moscone's meeting halls are two
stories tall and underground; it's a basement palace...

I was in a technical meeting recently, with about a dozen developers,
and the discussion topic turned to AJAX. We were seated at tables in
the usual presenter-in-the-center horsehoe...

Would it be shameless to plug a new release of a interesting new
search visualization product just because it happens to be featured in

Another entry into what I hope is a short series of blogs about
different approaches to data binding. My goal is to provide
some perspective for the data binding discussions in the...

For the past two months or so, I've been working with some of the

developers on the databinding problem. After some false starts...

It's been a while since I've contributed a blog. It's not for
lack of thinking about it. The inspiration for pounding out some
purple prose about developments around java desktop...

On Monday, TiVo announced a Java SDK called the Home Media Engine
(HME) and a corresponding simulation tool, all for writing PC
applications that target their digital recorder box....

Over the holidays was talking with a friend about the probability
of getting up to Lake Tahoe (starting from Silicon Valley) for a nice
day of skiing. It's a four or five hour drive...

A few weeks ago I published a quick roll-up of about 40 component
libraries for Swing applications that we plan to include in the

Swing Component Depot

column has a backlog of
more than 50...

Stephen King once wrote, in the introduction to one of his scary
books, that his critics were correct: he could publish an ordinary
grocery shopping list and it would sell. Just to...

Just in case you haven't been paying attention, I'd like to remind
you about our purpose. The reason we toil at our keyboards creating the
software that is the world wide web on the...

June has been a record breaker for new open source projects
at Sun. The projects ambling out the door this month have
run the gamut from new initiatives like

Earlier this week Havoc Pennington, who's responsible for Red Hat's
desktop group and is the founder of, published an
article inviting debate about future GNOME Linux...