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Maxym Mykhalchuk

Maxym (Boris' Son) Mykhalchuk, a.k.a Mihmax, a.k.a. Gandalf.

Maxym can be found on hiking trips in the Crimea Mountains singing songs
in the forest next to a crackling fire. With his tent on his back
climbing mountains, he is surely thinking about the Russian Localization
of NetBeans and the several API/Form changes that he is working on.
Maxym found NetBeans while he was attending the university and writing a
Java program. He has now been a user and contributor for over two years and has lead the localization effort in Russian completing the first
contribution of a localized release of NetBeans. Maxym is an active
member of the development community on NetBeans. He also provides support to users through a Russian mailing list, news and technical
content translations and is an evangelist for NetBeans. Most recently, Maxym was elected to represent NetBeans on the community governance board.



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