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M. Ranganathan

M. Ranganathan is a Computer Scientist at the Advanced Networking Technologies
Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). His
research interests are in the area of Middleware Technologies and Distributed
Systems. He has been actively contributing code on three projects:
(1) jain-sip - the reference implementation of jain-sip 1.1 (JSR-32)
(2) jain-sip-presence-proxy - a proxy server for SIP built on JAIN-SIP-1.1 and
(3) jain-sip-3pcc - a third party call control application for SIP.
In past lives, Ranga has been on the development teams of OS/2 and AIX
Security and has worked a few years as a Mechanical Engineer designing
robots and automation equipment for plastic processing plants. His
hope for the future is to write more code that gets used and less code
that gets thrown away.



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