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Scott Ellsworth

Scott has been writing simulation, modeling, and testing code for almost two decades. Java/Swing and ObjectiveC/Cocoa have been passions for the last five years; prior to that, he helped author a top flight Windows/C++ econometric package. He has degrees from Harvey Mudd College, Claremont Graduate University, and UC Berkeley in simulation. In his free time, he protects his N-scale model railroad to be from his Bengal cat. See for pictures.



Ken Arnold makes a good case for generics being poorly thought out. I take issue, though, with the claim that we should avoid them.

Marcus Baker makes the claim that logging is evil. I cannot agree.

I have spent the last two months creating a front end for our new GenBank in a Box web product. Perl is a rather new language for me, and one not entirely to my taste. Going in, I expected the...

I just read Cay Horstmann's complaints about MacOS X as a Java development environment, and was struck by just how differently we perceive the coding universe.