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There are so many different ways to arrive at the home page for an interesting project here on To help you find the project you are looking for you can list the projects alphabetically or by community, or peruse incubating projects or those that have been archived. In addition you can search all projects for a specific project name. We are particularly proud of those projects that began in our incubator and have matured into successful projects.

I have found out, that there are some chances to make Sun's sun.nio.cs charset de-/encoders faster, especially for single byte charsets such as "windows-1252". For increasing usability, I would at 1st step implement
libzfs for Java
Represents a www-form-urlencoded query string. Click 'Website' link below for more details
The Global JUG programme to Adopt OpenJDK
This project provides the real OpenJDK6 project ( with a public bug tracker and other infrastructure useful for the community.