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There are so many different ways to arrive at the home page for an interesting project here on To help you find the project you are looking for you can list the projects alphabetically or by community, or peruse incubating projects or those that have been archived. In addition you can search all projects for a specific project name. We are particularly proud of those projects that began in our incubator and have matured into successful projects.

Area for sources of NetBeans-related projects at Use the source code to learn from or use it to enhance NetBeans IDE or a separate NetBeans RCP application!
NetBeans plugin for code review
See SQE-Team on GitHub for the actual site including repository, issue tracker.
NetBeans Plugin for maintain Copy action history.
Mouse Gestures to Netbeans IDE
LogViewer Plugin Module for NetBeans
Wicket plugin for NetBeans IDE
Swing application that uses JFugue API for MIDI files.
NetBeans DreamTeam
Using Eclipse Modeling in NetBeans Platform
Persistence Explorer Plugin for NetBeans
NetBeans Plugin for Scala is officially hosted at
PinkMatter's Ribbon Bar integration for the NetBeans Platform
Plugin providing tools for developing Griffon applications in NetBeans IDE.
A set of tools to help developers manage NetBeans plattform applications.
NetBeans plugin for ABNF syntax support
AgroSense: Modular farm management on the NetBeans Platform
A collection of samples of NetBeans API usage.
Wrapping libraries is a common and repeating task when creating applications on the netbeans platform. To make this task a little easier this project provides several premade library wrapper in maven central.
Create Atlassian plugins from the IDE