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There are so many different ways to arrive at the home page for an interesting project here on To help you find the project you are looking for you can list the projects alphabetically or by community, or peruse incubating projects or those that have been archived. In addition you can search all projects for a specific project name. We are particularly proud of those projects that began in our incubator and have matured into successful projects.

Reference implementation of a data collection framework
An application for discovering and managing Sun SPOTs
Open source hardware for the Sun SPOT
eSPOT Prototyping board with Atmega88 processor
MiniSD card reader/writer add on board for Sun SPOT eSPOT
USB host interface to Sun SPOT eSPOT
RS232 Serial interface board for the SunSPOT eSPOT
Demonstration add-on board for Sun SPOT eSPOT
Prototype board with simple interface to SunSPOT eSPOT
eSPOT main board
SPOT-powered high-altitude balloon system (HW and Software)
The player will command a dinosaur
Hoho Goblin is a MOD (Modification) of Dino Adventure
Sun SPOT controlled Remote/Autonomous Navigation
High-resolution Autonomous Data Acquisition board for SunSPOTs
Mobile code editor
Sun SPOT Plugin for NetBeans
Lightweight UI Toolkit for Java ME - inspired by Swing
Remote-controlling a servo car equipped with a Sun SPOT
Java ME application framework and build management system