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There are so many different ways to arrive at the home page for an interesting project here on To help you find the project you are looking for you can list the projects alphabetically or by community, or peruse incubating projects or those that have been archived. In addition you can search all projects for a specific project name. We are particularly proud of those projects that began in our incubator and have matured into successful projects.

facilitating development of mobile services
Mobile tools. Check at
The Hecl Programming Language is a high-level, open source scripting language implemented in Java. It is intended to be small, extensible, extremely flexible, and easy to learn and use. In fact, it's small enough that it runs on J2ME-enabled cell phones!
Floggy is a free object persistence framework for J2ME/MIDP applications. The main goal of this framework is to abstract the data persistence details from the developer, reducing the development and maintenance effort.
Spring like framework for the Java ME platform.
SPOTs - Small Java powered Wireless Transducer Devices
Applications and sample code developed for Sun SPOTs
A place to share instructional materials using Sun SPOTs
Demo code distributed with the Sun SPOT SDK
Collection Tree Protocol for Sun SPOTs
A data dissemination protocol for Sun SPOTs and TinyOS motes.
eBones: information to create add-on boards for the eSPOT
Squawk Java ME VM (JVM)
Ongoing development of the libraries used by SPOT applications
Ongoing library development for different SPOT sensorboards
Ongoing library development for network stack of the Sun SPOT
Ongoing library development for security on the Sun SPOTs
Use this program to have your SunSPOTs elect which gift you get.
Squawk JVM for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. Development of a port of Squawk and Sun SPOT for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT. The micro embedded systems targeted by Squawk makes it suited for the open source HW/SW platform provided by LEGO.