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There are so many different ways to arrive at the home page for an interesting project here on To help you find the project you are looking for you can list the projects alphabetically or by community, or peruse incubating projects or those that have been archived. In addition you can search all projects for a specific project name. We are particularly proud of those projects that began in our incubator and have matured into successful projects.

PutoWeb is a J2EE Web Portal Development Template
Rss4jsf is an open source tag lib that adds show rss content capability to JSF applications without writing complex code.
The Proctor community is building free, open source monitoring
Domain Object Explorer is a desktop application that auto-generates the user interface for your JPA / EJB3 entity beans.
Online store implemented using Grails
Update Center for Java Enterprise Software
The original GlassFish Update Center. Also serves as the parent project for Update Center 2 (used in GlassFish 3.x)
JawFlow is a Workflow Engine partially conformal to WfMC ( directives, completely written in Java using JMX technology. It understands XML Process Definition Language (XPDL) and can be customized using activities written in Java or in any scripting language supported by BSF
Java Programming Puzzles
A POS system for different areas: restaurant, retail and rental
Charting Widgets using jMaki
Charting Widgets using jMaki
A library abstracting the differences between JMS servers
Java BluePrints Live Project ARCHIVED
Cross-platform regression test running framework
jMaki Extensions
jMaki Extensions
Project Hive for Entreprise Best Practices, framework & QA Tools
jMaki Widgets
jMaki Widgets
The SPNEGO Glassfish Plugin enables ...
The SPNEGO Glassfish Plugin enables Kerberos for Glassfish.
Developing and Implementing techniques for reengineering Java and J2EE systems
SIP Binding Component