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Posted by tsteube on January 30, 2010 at 7:32 AM PST
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Extended reference J2EE application based on the spring source framework.


IncubatingProject mission and goals: The project provides a setup of a reference J2EE application based on the spring source framework configuration ( with the following requirements: - Maven build envionment - Configuration for specific database (postgresql) - Configuration for specific J2EE container (tomcat) - Flexible unit testing outside J2EE container - JPA persistence (toplink) - Database transaction support - Support of the spring source features: * Spring Security * MVC In essence this project is an extended spring source reference application. It can be used a starting point to jump into a new J2EE project and to learn the spring source application configuration. The most important feature for me is the easy testability of new features. If I need a new feature in a real project I will test the new configuration/implementation in the reference application. I've collected the individual configuration details from countless different blogs and source code samples. Now I think it is time to return this collected information to the public. The source code is available but I have to document the solution before I can submit the source. Afterwards I would like to create a blog to discuss the specific topics. I hope these public discussions will keep the configuraiton up to date and point me to further/better solutions. License: Regards Thorsten Steube


Apache License, Version 2.0
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