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Pomodoro Spot

Posted by netomarin on December 4, 2009 at 10:30 AM PST
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A Sun SPOT as a "kitchen timer" to adopters of Pomodoro



This a project to use a Sun SPOT as a "kitchen timer" to adopters of the pomodoro techique.

Dont know what is it "The Pomodoro Technique"?
Visit and check it out!

How to use: Turn on you Sun Spot. So, the lights will turn on (green lights) indicating the spot is ready to start a pomodoro cycle. So, when you want to, just shake the device and leds will change the color to red, it means your pomodoro cycle is running. Along the next 25 minutes the leds will turn off one after another (a few more than 3 minutes per led) until the time runs out. After this, the red leds will blink 3 times and will become to green, ready to another cycle.

Obs.: Any time along the pomodoro's time you can reset by pressing the switch button 1 (left side). The leds will blink (just like when your time runs out) and will become green again.


Apache Software License
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