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Posted by zarr on January 7, 2010 at 5:06 AM PST
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"happy-commons" contains parallel-for, parallel-foreach loops, parallel sorting algorithm and more. All parallel implementations based on framework of Doug Lea. "Happy-commons" is published under an Open Source License (Appache License Version 2.0).


Published"happy-commons" contains often used classes, which we use in most our products. "Happy-commons" is published under an Open Source License (Appache License Version 2.0). We are interested in living community and innovative ideas. If you have any suggestions or code-examples, please contact us and if you developed a good code we will commit it to the "happy-commons" library. If you have any questions about "happy.commons" or just want to discuss it then use our Forum.
  • ParallelFor/ParallelForEach - well known parallel constructs are improved by having more execution-control and implemented by using Fork/Join Frameworks of Doug Lea
  • Observer Design Pattern(Delegate) - is encapsulated to a class and can be compared to the .NET delegate language constract from C#.
  • Version Design Pattern - The software can be easily developed in component-based style. Old components will be supported by new version of the software. The new version of the component supports the old API and projects it to the new API
  • Sorting algorithm - combined sorting algorithm which uses improved parallel QuickSort, ShellSort and InsertionSort for diffrent array-sizes.

We have created many JUnit-Tests to guaranty high quality:
line-coverage 78%
branch-coverage 74%
-> see the coverage-report ( .


Apache License, Version 2.0