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Building and Testing

Josh Juneau gives us a glimpse into the featureset included in JSR 344 (JSF 2.3) and explains how to take it out and kick the tires.

Do all business logic on the client using JavaScript?

Peter Varhas explores what types of features can safely exist on the client side, and which should stay on the server.

JCP 15 Year Anniversary Kit Order

Hello all,

Thank you for placing your order for a JCP 15 Year Anniversary party kit. The kits have shipped and you should now have received it or will receive it very soon.

You can also use the JCP 15 Year presentation located here:

Architecture of Web Applications

Arian Celina gives an interesting perspective on web application architecture, and when we should and shouldn't use REST.

How Immutability Helps

Yegor Bugayenko explains when you should use immutable classes and why those getters and setters we all know and love so well are not always a good idea.

Responsive Design for JavaFX

Hendrik Ebbers introduces us to ResponsiveFX, an API that allows JavaFX application developers to easily impliment user interfaces that adjust to the size of the Stage. That's right folks, now your applications can look good regardless of the size of the window (or screen).

On Java Generics and Erasure

Bozhidar Bozhanov leads us in exploring when generics are and aren't erased during compilation. Complete with code snippets.

The Java citizen’s guide to Web Components

Ville Ingman gives us an introduction to web components: what they are and how to use them. Includes code samples.

JavaFX Dialogs Introduction

Marco Jakob gives us a fantastick introduction into JavaFX Dialogs that will be released in the upcoming JDK 8u40. including lots of samples and code.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Java

Pretty much what it sounds like, 10 obscure tidbits of information about Java. See how many you already knew. Fair warning: this one might make your head hurt.