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Injecting Domain Objects Instead of Infrastructure Components

Michael Scharhag Provides a slightly different take on using DI; rather than injecting a service (or repo, or other resource), he suggest directly injecting the desired domain object. Code samples using spring, with a description of changes needed to use CDI.

November/December Issue of Java Magazine is Out

Another Great Issue of Java Magazine has just been released. This one focused on expanding the next generation of the Java Community as well as Java running in places other than the traditional servers and workstations. IoT and Robots and Pi! Oh, My!

A Java conversion puzzler, not suitable for work (or interviews)

Peter Lawrey walks us through some of the idiosyncrasies of casting between numeric types and performing mixed type arithmetic. Fair warning: this one may make your brain hurt.

This is something I'm thinking about adding

Posted by christest on November 12, 2014 at 11:14 PM PST

1. On English site, create new content
URL on English site = myDecodedToken/nodeTitle
URL on Spanish site = es/myDecodedToken/nodeTitle
(so only 1 of the 3 node module tokens decodes)

2. On English site, add Spanish translation
URL on English site (has miraculously changed) = node/"nid"
URL on Spanish site = es/nodeJoinPath/nodeName/myDecodedToken/nodeTitle
(so Spanish site is correct)

Java 9 Behind the Scenes: Where Do New Features Come From?

Alex Zhitnitsky gives us a glimpse into the Java Community Process and shows us the process required for a change to Java, and how you can help. That's right folks, not only should you pay attention to the man behind the curtain, you could even be the man behind the curtain.

NetBeans vs Intellij vs Eclipse

Sivaprasadreddy Katamreddy offers some opinions on the IDE flame wars from the perspective of an Eclipse user and includes strengths and weaknesses for each option.

JavaOne Session Replay

Posted by yolande on November 9, 2014 at 4:03 PM PST

Watch JavaOne 2014 sessions and tutorials now at
New sessions are released every week!

Named Parameters in Java 8

Adam Bien Gives us a look into one of the new features in Java 8. This post explains what named parameters are and how to use them in a clear and concise manner.

Getting Started With Docker

Docker provides developers with a standardized mechanism to deliver applications regardless of the underlying infrastructure. Arun Gupta offers us an introduction to Docker complete with video and code samples

Vibe Tutorial

Check out this tutorial to build a simple chat application and get started with Vibe, a real-time, event-driven web framework that utilizes WebSocket.