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On heap vs off heap memory usage

Peter Lawrey explains when and why we should store data on-heap, in object pools and off-heap, and offers benefits and drawbacks for off-heap storage.

Java, Scala, Ceylon: Evolution in the JVM Petri Dish

Ari Kast gives us an overview of Ceylon, a new JVM language created by Gavin King, the well known creator of Hibernate

Poll Results: About Which Feature Targeted for Java 9 are You Most Excited?

According to the recent poll, the most exciting feature targeted for Java 9 is JEP 201: Modular Source Code. Check out the full results.

Java SE 8 new features tour: Traversing, filtering, processing collection, & methods enhancements with Lambda

Mohamed Taman provide a great explanation of how to use Lambdas to malipulate collections and explains pethod references. Including code samples.

Finance and Investment Software on the NetBeans Platform

Brian Jenkins gives us an example of what can be accomplished when Netbeans Platform and JavaEE are combined for use in working around rare coins

API Design Best Practices

APIs are quite trendy at the moment. Everyone wants their users to be able to access their data using whatever tool they like. Unfortunately the API design is often overlooked in the name of efficiency and productivity. Mike Stowe gives us a series explaining some best practices to make your APIs even better.

Docker, Java EE, Continuous Delivery

A screencast and conversion between Arun Gupta and Adam Bien around setting up automation to supply continuous delivery with microservice. Includes video

The Java citizen’s guide to Web Components

Ville Ingman gives us an introduction to web components: what they are and how to use them. Includes code samples.

ExecutorService - 10 tips and tricks

While it's certainly not new, ExecutorService is often not fully understood. Tomasz Nurkiewicz gives us 10 best practices for dealing with ExecutorService. Includes Code Samples

Structuring Complex JavaFX 8 Applications for Productivity

Adam Bien demonstrates a quick and easy method for generated JavaFX apps that go beyond the simple "Hello World." Includes Code samples and Video.