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EE Servlet 3: How to Setup Backend Services in a Web Application

Zemian Deng gives us some insight into how and when we should use backend services, for tasks like batch processing, in a servlet-based EE application.

Make agents, not frameworks

Rafael Winterhalter Explains how we can use Agents to implement Annotations in our own APIs rather trivially. Including code samples.

Dependency Injection – Field vs Constructor vs Method

Peter Daum goes over the pros and cons of injecting dependencies in various methods within your code.

Chicago Coder Conference Call for Papers Now Open

If you'e going to be in Chicago on May 14 and 15, or even if you just want to be, Check out Chicago Coder Conference. Better yet, submit a session and help create the conference!

Thread Magic Tricks: 5 Things You Never Knew You Can Do with Java Threads

Alex Zhitnitsky gives us some lesser known use cases for threads from beginner to experts. Including code samples.

Looking into the Java 9 Money and Currency API (JSR 354)

Michael ScharhagGives us a preview of JavaMoney, the reference implimentation for JSR 354, scheduled to be released with Java 9. Including code samples.

A Beginner’s Guide to Transaction Isolation Levels in Enterprise Java

Vlad Mihalcea explain transaction isolation across all levels of an enterprise application from the database all the way through JavaEE or Spring. Including code samples

Thread Local Storage in Java

Mite Mitreski gives us an overview of thread locals in Java and explains how and when they should be used and the caveats of which we should be aware. Including code samples

Asynchronous timeouts with CompletableFuture

Tomasz Nurkiewicz gives an example of rewriting multi-threaded code using Java 8's new CompletableFuture.

Can you stump the Java community?

Do you have a Java puzzler that you'd like to share with the Community? Submit it to be published in Java Magazine!.. Check out the details at teh Java Source and claim your 15 minutes of fame!