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CERTivity KeyStores Manager 1.2

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Joined: 2012-03-29

A new improved version of CERTivity KeyStores Manager - CERTivity 1.2 was released and it is now available for download.

Version 1.2 of CERTivity KeyStores Manager brings very interesting features and improvements, as well as bug fixes, which improve usability and simplify the work with items from Digital Signing, Cryptographic Keys Management and Public Key Infrastructure domains.

Shortly, in CERTivity 1.2 we have included the following new features:

  • Viewing CRL files. The CRL files can be opened from two sources: from a URL or from a file. Also added a new feature that allows the user to start viewing a CRL from the certificate details, if the certificate has an associated CRL;
  • Viewing CSR files;
  • We are now able to open using the drag and drop action the following files: certificates, CRLs, CSRs and KeyStores;
  • New signature algorithms for Key Pair/CSR generation and for CSR signing;
  • New Key Algorithms for Secret Key generation;
  • Support for file type inspection;
  • More Fingerprints available in the Certificates Details sections;
  • An improved certificates management in certificate chains;
  • Trust path validation and management via new options in the Options panel;
  • Simplifying the operation for signing a certificate and act as a test or in-house CA, in just one or two steps;
  • New shortcuts for the System/Popup action and for the contextual menu;
  • Quick Search triggered by the keyboard input in the KeyStore panel allowing selective column search.

In this new version of CERTivity we have also fixed issues from version 1.1:

  • Fixed the focus lost on File Chooser for unlocked Key Pairs/Private Keys on Linux;
  • Fixed an issue that occurred sometimes when certificates were wrongly labeled as Self Signed;
  • We made sure the date used in the "Extend Certificate Validity" action is valid;
  • By switching to a newer version of NetBeans RPC, RELEASE721, the sporadic NullPointerException issue disappeared.

Just like for the previous versions, CERTivity 1.2 has a Free Trial period to fully evaluate the new features. The new version can be tried for 30 days even in parallel with the previous versions.

More information about the features and updates from the new version of CERTivity can be found on