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JRE8 with Swing on Samsung ARM Chromebook

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Hi All,

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 on the new ARM Chromebook from Samsung (XE303C).

This is a very powerful ARM laptop which runs the desktop Ubuntu very well. I use LibreOffice, Chromium, Transmission...etc other full-blown software on it.

Even though standard Linux sw runs well on it, the Java desktop experience is horrible.

OpenJDK7 comes from the standard Ubuntu repositories but it runs desktop Java software extremely slow. They are practically unusable which is a huge contrast to standard C, C++ Linux software which run very fast on this hw.

I have already tried to install Sun/Oracle Java but with no success, mainly due to the fact that this is a hardfp distributuion and Sun/Oracle Java is not released as hardfp on ARM.

Is there any way to install and use a working (aka acceptable speed) Java version on this hardware?

When is Oracle expected to ship a normal/installable hardfp version of Java with Swing (not that JavaFX thingy) ?

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For Oracle JDK 7, please see for Oracle JDK 7 and JRE 7 Certified System Configurations.

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I was aware of the certified system configurations.

Do you have information about the hardfp release of Java for ARM?

Joined: 2013-03-14 is hard float and includes Swing.