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Deleting server logs causes GlassFish to hang - why? :(

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One of our clients uses GlassFish extensively and we have noticed an issue lately when we try to delete cycled server logs; I believe they are using GlassFish version 2.1.

Every time we do any of these deletions, the GlassFish server seems to hang; that is to say the application using it ceases to function properly. The amount of logs vary on each machine but there are a number of gigabytes worth of logs on each server.

I can't find anything elsewhere on the internet regarding this and my client does not have support with Oracle for GlassFish; has anyone else seen this sort of behavior before? If so, is there a work around? Or perhaps this is a known bug?

Kindest regards,

Ross Wilson

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I haven't seen that before, but the simple workaround is to tell the server to only keep X log files instead of letting them hang around forever. This is on GF 3.X, but the command was probably there for 2.X also:

asadmin set-log-attributes --help

That will show you how to set the values to affect how long logs are kept, how larger they can be, when they're rotated, etc. You can use this to see the current values:

asadmin list-log-attributes