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S1000 Data file size limit is reached in statement (Insert into ....

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I am new to Java but I am troublesharsooting a java application that was written a few years ago and not supported since. I have the distribution folder where the application is launched which contains jar files. I have what is labeled as a source folder which contains java files. The application takes a zip file, extracts the files and then loads them into a hsqldb table. When the database file reaches 2GB it produces the error 'S1000 Data file size limit is reached in statement(Insert into...)

The application creates database files in the users directory,

Through internet searches it seems I need to change the parameter hsqldb.cache_file_scale from 1 to 8. In the folders that I have found I do not see any properties file to change that or any other parameter. And I guess there is also the question as to whether with what I have can the application be rebuilt properly. I have installed NetBeans and have loaded the files from both directories into it to create projects and NetBeans identifies errors in some paths.

Another thing I had noticed was adding parameter values to the url that is used to launch the application. http:\\\diw\diw.jnlp?hsqldb.cache_file_scale=8 but that had no affect.

I would be very grateful for any help in resolving this matter as I have hit a wall if in fact I am heading in the right direction.