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Java 7 and / or cookbook problem?

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Coming back to the cookbook after a while I updated the download, java and other related items. Running ant all on a copy of the updated download returned an error. See my post "hdcookbook_disc image compile error".

I happened to read post "sign-xlets is Failing with a Signature encoding error" by onebeartoe and it appears to be the same problem. Although the version of java isn't mentioned.

As stated in my post mentioned above, the problem happens with java 7 but not java 6.

Wondering of it was related to the changes to the cookbook files I had applied, I ran the old version I have from over a year ago with java 7. That produced the same error. Taking Bills suggestion, I ran ant spotless against that old version. It indicates: "This removed keystore files used for signing, which means that the next build you do will result in xlets that are signed by a different, new entity."

However, running ant all again returned the same error.

Therefore, it appears that one or more or a combination of the following are true.

There is a bug in java 7.
There is a bug in the cookbook code.
There is an incompatibility between the cookbook code and java 7.
ant spotless didn't clear everything.
The item causing the problem is not in the cookbook files but elsewhere on the PC.
'Workspace' is mentioned in the replies to the posts, perhaps the problem lies there.

I do not have the knowledge to determine exactly where the problem is.
If it is with the cookbook code, I can't fix it.
If it is with java, I do not know how to get Oracle to fix it, if it can be fixed.
If the file is elsewhere, someone with more experience in this please tell me where.
If the 'workspace', again, someone with more experience please tell me where that is.

It appears that anyone working with the cookbook signing code and java 7 would have the same problem regardless of the cause.

Attached is a zip with the console log of the ant spotless and the debug log of the ant all after that.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Paul Masters

log_java_7_vista_32_before_updates_error_01272013.zip82.03 KB

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Hi Paul.

Unfortunately I can only confirm that signing HD Cookbook xlets with Java 7 (Oracle's and the OpenJDK) is not working out of the box.

As mentioned in , issuing 'ant spotless' does not resolve the issue.

best regards,