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sun.awt.UNIXToolkit missing since jdk 7

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Good morning,

I wanted to compile jdk 8 (curious user) with debugging information to help me get through my own code where I experience some problems with JUL. Well, rt.jar is missing sun.awt.UNIXToolkit and some other classes I guess.

I'm clueless...

How can the sources contain imports for sun.awt.UNIXToolkit without having an rt.jar to go to?

Would be very glad if someone could shed some light on this.


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What repository do you clone your repo from, and how do you build it? How do you run your app? What rt.jar do you test to see if the class is there?

AFAIK, rt.jar is only generated if you build images after performing the actual JDK build. Do you build images?

E.g. using the "old" build system I'd try:

$ cd jdk/make
$ make
$ make images

and then would use the images from the build/
/j2re-image (or j2sdk-image).

best regards,