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[SOLVED] asadmin create-service error on Windows XP: System.UnauthorizedAccessException

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This is not a question, I am posting a problem and solution to help others searching for a solution in the future.

A customer gave us a test virtual machine to install our application on, but it was Windows XP Pro (in 2013!) I installed Java 7 update 11, GlassFish, our application, and they all work well. However, I could not create a Windows service because of UnauthorizedAccessException, even when I was logged into Windows as Administrator. Another installer program was able to create a Windows service without issue, so it seems to be a GlassFish/Windows Service Wrapper issue. Below is the error that occured:

C:\glassfish\\bin>asadmin create-service --name GlassFishV3122 domain1
Error while trying to install GlassFish as a Windows Service.
The return value was: -1.
STDOUT: System.UnauthorizedAccessException
at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 e
rrorCode, IntPtr errorInfo)
at System.Management.ManagementObjectCollection.ManagementObjectEnumerator.Mo
at WMI.WmiRoot.ClassHandler.Invoke(Object proxy, MethodInfo method, Object[]
at WMI.Win32ServicesProxy.Select(String )
at winsw.WrapperService.Run(String[] args)
at winsw.WrapperService.Main(String[] args)

Command create-service failed.

It still created the GlassFishV3122Service.exe and GlassFishV3122Service.xml files for the Windows Service Wrapper in C:\glassfish\\glassfish\domains\domain1\bin\. All that was missing was registering the exe file as a Windows service. I was able to do this manually with the following command:

C:\glassfish\\bin>sc create domain1 binPath= "C:\glassfish\\glassfish\domains\domain1\bin\GlassFishV3122Service.exe" start= auto DisplayName= "domain1 GlassFish"
[SC] CreateService SUCCESS

Notice the space after the = character. I've read that this is important.

The Windows service now works, but the JVM will shut down when you log out of Windows. You need to add the -Xrs JVM option in a couple of places:

1) C:\glassfish\\glassfish\bin\asadmin.bat Pay close attention to the path. There are multiple copies of asadmin.bat and you need to edit the one referenced by the Windows Service Wrapper XML config file. Add -Xrs to this line:

set JAVA=java -Xrs

2) C:\glassfish\\glassfish\domains\domain1\config\domain.xml There are two blocks of jvm-options elements. I added the following to both blocks because I'm not sure which is used when:


Ryan de Laplante