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Gizzly websocket can not send from browser

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Joined: 2013-01-11

I am very new to websockets and trying to learn how to use websockets with jquery and HTML5.

I was able to do the following:
- start my Grizzly server with my WebSocketApplication
- I am able to connect from my client google chrome to my grizzly server websocket
- I am able to send messages from the server to my client google chrome

What I am struggling to do is send messages from the client to my grizzly server websocket.

I have attached the code so if anybody can pass on there experiance I would truly be grateful.


streaming_mbed_example.zip26.51 KB

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Joined: 2006-01-25

Hi Charlie,

I'd recommend to use the latest available versions of Grizzly and Jersey dependeincies. The client code (javascript) also has some issues.
I've fixed what I could and it seems to work now. Pls. find the updated version of your project attached.


Joined: 2013-01-11

Thanks working now.

In using sockets what best practice/patterns to using in requesting data from the server?

I am used to web and Rest services development and would like to know what would be the best approach when using websocket from client to server?

My interest is using html5/jquery/websockets in mobile apps and requesting data from back end systems?

Thanks for you help