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Open API or solution to create zip files with multiple volumes (splitting)?

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Joined: 2005-12-28

I read some articles about data compression using package classes, including this one at Oracle site. I've been searching for an API or classes that can help me create a multi-part zip file following the ZIP specification (PKZIP).

Using the ZipOutputStream to create one big file, than splitting it using FileOutputStream (or another API to split files) later doesn't work: it corrupts all the files, because we have to create header and sections on zip files that identifies it is a zip file according to the specification.

After reading many forums on the web, this one makes me believe that I'm facing a problem for what there's no open source API or solution.

Can you tell me if I'm wrong? Do you know any open source API or solution which I can use to create ZIP files for multiple volumes (splitting)?

Thank you.