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Re: Adopt-a-JSR Glassfish 4 b68 interface and installation problem

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The Windows installer for the trunk and the IPS package repository has
not yet been updated for Java EE 7.
Please use the "" or "" file for

Please let us know if you are seeing the JSF2+Ajax missing message with
this other install. I have not seen that when I use the console.

On 12/23/12 7:05 AM, Mohamed Taman wrote:
> Dear Glassfish team,
> I have downloaded and run Glassfish v4_b68 nightly build for testing
> JAX-RS 339 as I am working on it (JCP member), and when I entered the
> admin screen and click any link, the server popup me with message
> *JSF2+Ajax missing!*.
> Also the windows version stuck on 41% and not proceed anymore.
> finally all the installation stages wizard give wrong information
> about the version. It is not version 4 it give everything is version
> 3, even it says it supports Java EE6 not EE7, and it works on JDK 6
> not 7 as I understand.
> But when the admin module first deployed it shows that it is version 4.
> Please find attached screen shoot of the error for more clarity.
> Download link:
> Thanks & Best Regards