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Maven Build Error when using GF Client Module, what is the correct POM entry?

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Joined: 2004-02-12

I am getting the following error when performing a clean and build after I added the GF Client Module 3.1.2 to my POM.


The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.eclipse.persistence:javax.persistence:jar:2.0.4.v201112200901, org.eclipse.persistence:org.eclipse.persistence.core:jar:2.3.2, org.eclipse.persistence:org.eclipse.persistence.jpa:jar:2.3.2, org.eclipse.persistence:org.eclipse.persistence.jpa.modelgen:jar:2.3.2, org.eclipse.persistence:org.eclipse.persistence.moxy:jar:2.3.2,, org.eclipse.persistence:org.eclipse.persistence.antlr:jar:2.3.2, org.eclipse.persistence:org.eclipse.persistence.asm:jar:2.3.2

My local maven repository has the artifact structure but the javax persistence folder only has the following two files; javax.persistence-2.0.4.v201112200901.jar.lastUpdated and javax.persistence-2.0.4.v201112200901.pom.lastUpdated. Not what I was expecting...

What is the correct maven POM dependency when developing a stand-alone client?

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Joined: 2004-02-12

Figured out the issue, had to add the following proxy repository to our Nexus list of repositories: Repository for library EclipseLink (JPA 2.0) = then added the EcliseLink repo to built in nexus Public Repositories. Finally, added a mirror to the settings.xml in the .m2 folder:


Then the maven project was able to download the gf-client-module and all of it's dependencies to my local maven repository.