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Aspose.Newsletter December 2012 Edition is Out Now

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Aspose Newsletter for December 2012 has now been published that highlights all the newly supported features offered in the recent releases of its JasperReports exporters, SQL Server rendering extensions, .NET, Java & SharePoint components. This month's technical article shows migration to Aspose.Slides for Java 3.0.0 & a migration tip for finding and replacing Text with Aspose.Slides for .NET vs VSTO. The video tutorial shows how to merge two presentations with Aspose.Slides for Java.

If you've been visiting recently you'll know that we released Aspose.Slides for Java 3.0.0 last month. This is the first version of Aspose.Slides for Java that's been autoported from Aspose.Slides for .NET. We, and many of our customers, are excited about this release because it brings a host of new features to our Java users: printing presentations, PPT to PPTX conversion and support for charts, to mention some. From now on, we'll match each Aspose.Slides for .NET release with an Aspose.Slides for Java release. Our .NET and Java customers get the same features at the same time. It is a great step forward for our users and it's great for us too: we only have one code base to maintain so we can focus on new features.

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Product Spotlight: Aspose.Slides

AsAspose.Slides helps you work with Microsoft PowerPoint files from within your own applications. Use Aspose.Slides for SSRS or JasperReports to export reports to native Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Use Aspose.Slides for SharePoint to convert PowerPoint presentations to other file formats, like PDF. Or use Aspose.Slides for .NET or Java to create, convert and manipulate presentations from within .NET or Java applications. Create slide stacks, automate monthly presentations, convert to images or change formatting, content and images. Aspose.Slides gives you the control you need. Download a trial. Click here to download the latest version.

Technical Article - Migrating to Aspose.Slides for Java 3.0.0

Aspose.Slides for Java 3.0.0 has a lot of new features. To facilitate automatic porting, we had to restructure the API and change a number of method names. To help you update your code, we've listed all the changes and written a detailed article about migration. Click below to read the complete article.

Updates about new Product Releases

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