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Java Web Start glassfish

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Hi, all
I have an application.
I can start it by means of .cmd file
@echo off
Rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rem ProDD start shell
Rem ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
@echo Starting ProDD...
Rem ------------------------------------------------------------ Path variables
SET JAVA_HOME="C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_09"
SET JARS_HOME="C:\apps\jars"
Rem ----------------------------------------------------- system library
SET CP=%JARS_HOME%\dbalab\ProDD.jar
SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\dbalab\ProDDServer.jar
Rem ------------------------------------------------ application library
SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\dbalab\OMS.jar
Rem ------------------------------------------------------- Oracle JDBC library
SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\jdbc\ojdbc6.jar
Rem ---------------------------------------------------------- DBF JDBC library
SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\jdbf\javadbf-0.4.0.jar

REM -------------------------------------------------------- POI Office library
SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\poi\poi-3.7-20101029.jar
SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\poi\poi-scratchpad-3.7-20101029.jar

Rem --------------------------------------------------------- GlassFish library
SET CP=%CP%;%JARS_HOME%\glassfish\lib\gf-client.jar
REM ---------------------------------------------------------------- Parameters
SET CLASS=com.carma.ProDD.Client
SET params=-ASServer glassfish -ASHost -ASPort 3700 -URL jdbc:oracle:thin:@ -User CARMA -Password SYSTEM -FullStore -Office oo
REM --------------------------------------------------------------------- Start
%JAVA_HOME%\bin\javaw.exe -ms64m -mx1024m -noverify -cp %CP% %CLASS% %params%

It is necessary for me to start it by means of Java Web Start.
I signed archives. Made.jnlp the file. I try to start. The JVM starts , loads resources, but the window of the program isn't started.
Here my .jnlp file:

(?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?)
(jnlp codebase="" href="testgf.jnlp" spec="1.0+" )



(j2se version="1.7+" java-vm-args="-ms64m -mx1024m -noverify"/)

(jar href="jars/dbalab/OMS.jar"/)
(jar href="jars/dbalab/ProDD.jar"/)
(jar href="jars/dbalab/ProDDServer.jar"/)
(jar href="jars/jdbf/javadbf-0.4.0.jar"/)
(jar href="jars/jdbc/ojdbc6.jar"/)
(jar href="jars/glassfish/lib/gf-client.jar"/)
(jar href="jars/poi/poi-3.7-20101029.jar"/)
(jar href="jars/poi/poi-scratchpad-3.7-20101029.jar"/)


(application-desc main-class="com.carma.ProDD.Client")

I think a problem with connection to the glassfish server
If to be connected to a database without glassfish,
(to clean parameters
(argument)3700(/argument) )

application starts after start of .jnlp file. Prompt as it is possible to solve this problem.

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Joined: 2012-11-28

Solved the issue
Really it was necessary to load additional libraries glassfish from folder /modules

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Are any error messages reported? Turn on Java Web Start tracing and then look in the trace file, or set up Java Web Start to open the Java Web Start console on each launch and look in the console output.

The gf-client.jar file actually contains very little itself. It's manifest Class-Path refers to many other GlassFish JARs, so depending on exactly which JARs your application uses your JNLP will need to specify more JARs in the JNLP and make those available via the jars/... path in your web app.

(For other readers, the forum-to-email converter excluded most of the JNLP content; it is displayed in the forum.)

Note that you could instead make use of the feature in GlassFish which provides automatic Java Web Start support for all Java EE application clients. If you package your client as a Java EE app client and deploy it to the server (either by itself or as part of an EAR) then GlassFish will take care of preparing the required JNLP so you can launch it using Java Web Start.

Joined: 2012-11-28

( in .jnlp file are specified instead of tags