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Is Oracle actively sabotaging glassfish?

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I know the header is a bit of polemic, but I don't know how else to call it.

We are a small company and using currently the glassfish open source edition. So I naively thought I wanted to find out how much it would cost to get the supported version.
All I wanted was a pricing information/ quote as a potential costumer and a license declaration - but got none so far.

I mailed them 2 times and even called up their so called salessupport - there was a friendly woman telling me they doenst know and I should mail it to her and this was now 4 days ago....

All we want to know was:
We are using glassfish on an VMWare system, but as this is used as a complete cloud from a third party hosting company we cant give details about the hardware. We use 3 vCPUs and each one is at 1.2 GHz (the number ov vCPU is written in contract) but cant give details about their whole VMWare cluster as the reason why we choosed that way of deploying is that we dont want to mess around with hardware anymore. Now, how do you license a Glassfish Server to that environment?

Can anyone hint me to someone at oracle who can answer that simple question - or even better, give me details about it?



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Oracle licensing policies for soft partitioned environments are described in this document (

Please ping me offline (, I can provide you more details. I also want to know which channel(s) you have used (to try) to get your questions answered. Obviously, things can be improved...


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Thanks for fast reply, email is on the way :)