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JScript compilation error with Java Web Start starting from 1.7.0_02 if "automatically detect settings" in LAN settings enabled

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Consider the following system:
- Windows 7 64-bit
- in Start | Control Panel | Internet Options | Connections | LAN Settings, the checkbox "automatically detect settings" ENABLED
- JRE 1.7.0_02 64-bit or above installed (tested up to 1.7.0_09)

Then, locate a JNLP file on the Internet and start the application.
The following alert dialog box appears twice for me:
- caption = Microsoft JScript compilation error
- contents = Syntax Error

I found the solution here:
The alternative is to force the DIRECT connection in the Network Settings in Java Control Panel.

This problem did not occur with Java 1.7.0_01 or 1.7.0!