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GF embedded resources

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Our project needs application scope resources such as datasource.
But datasource could be changed e.g. connection pool settings.
After that we need to hold these settings even after redeployment of the application.
But since we have embedded datasource we lose our changes after redeployment.
We managed to solve this problem on WebLogic using deployment plans. We save setting to file and use it during re-deployment with deployment plan option.
But we can't find deployment plan analog in GlassFish
The only thing we found is preserveAppScopedResources, it preserves already created datasources but after we redeploy application we need to restart GF since we lose JNDI context with NamingException.

Dear community, has anybody solve such problems with redeployment of the applications with embedded resources? How can we manage NamingException without GF restart ? Maybe there is some other approach to redeploy application with embedded resources than preserveAppScopedResources=true

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