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Problem when trying to create a cluster

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Hello guys!

I am having trouble trying to create a Glassfish cluster using an Enhanced JMS Cluster with Microsoft SQL Server. I am trying to create the cluster via web interface, without success.

When I try to put these information in the forms:

Cluster Name: cluster1
Configuration: default-config
(x) Make a Copy of the Selected Configuration
Message Queue Cluster Config Type: Custom
JMS Service Type: (x) Custom
JMS Service Type: Enhanced (HA)
Database Vendor: mssql
Database URL: jdbc:sqlserver:///host:port;databaseName=database
Database User: myuser
Database Password: mypass

I get the following error:
The server cluster has NOT been created. An error occurred while configuring the JMS cluster:
Invalid DB Vednor specified

How can I create an Enhanced cluster using an Microsoft SQL Server for the HA (brokers)?

Addicional Info:

Nodes: 2x VMs with the following softwares and versions:
Glassfish: GlassFish Server Open Source Edition (build 5)
SO: Ubuntu 12.04.1 64 bits

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Microsoft SQL Server is not currently one of the tested database vendors for MQ JDBC persistent store therefore is not listed as a supported database vendor in GlassFish server JMS service. In addition, please also see MQ Technical Overview on database requirement for MQ Enhanced Cluster