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Cheng Wang


Nokia Mobile Phones

ince August 2009, Cheng Wang has been employed by Nokia Mobile Phones, a company that was twice nominated Member of the Year by the JCP community (2008, 2005). Cheng is now the Feature software head in the Java development area of Nokia. In previous years, he has also worked for Motorola, BenQ, and Siemens - all active members of the JCP community at one time or another.

Cheng's interest in Java technology was ignited specifically in 2002, when he was working at Siemens on a Personal Information Management (PIM) implementation of JSR 75, PDA Optional Packages for the J2ME Platform. However, it wasn't until June 2012 that he has been able to participate directly in the JCP program. Now he represents Nokia on the Executive Committee. He is also the Maintenance Lead for several Nokia-led JSRs.

Cheng completed a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Beijing University of Technology (1992). He lives in Beijing, China, where he enjoys spending time with his young son.