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Chris Vignola



Chris Vignola works for the IBM AIM Software organization and is the Lead Architect for WebSphere Systems Management. He has over 28 years of industry experience in the architecture and development of software systems, including WebSphere Extended Deployment, WebSphere Application Server, and the Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) operating system. Chris led the architecture and design for the operational facilities of MVS Sysplex, was a charter member of the WebSphere Application Server for z/OS team, specializing in EJB container and systems management components, and more recently led the WebSphere Compute Grid development team.

IBM is a valued member of the JCP community, twice nominated JCP Member of the Year (2011, 2004). Chris represents IBM in serving as Spec Lead of JSR 352, Batch Applications for the Java Platform. An interest in object oriented programming and virtual machines first prompted Chris to get involved with Java technology. He has since become "passionate about modernizing traditional programming models, such as batch, in the context of Java because proven techniques and modern language technology is a powerful combination." IBM rewarded his passion with the Outstanding Technical Achievement award for advancing the state of the art on Java Batch.

Chris speaks about these topics at conferences such as JavaOne in San Francisco, California, and IBM Impact in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has written several articles about the WebSphere Compute Grid and Web Services, which are available from his Google homepage along with a list of the ten US patents he holds. Chris was a contributing author to the three books listed on his site: Secrets of SOA, WebSphere System Administration (Appendix A), and Professional WebSphere Application Server. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York (SUNY) in 1985.

Chris speaks English and Spanish fluently, lives in NY state, and enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, hiking, and fishing, when not fully immersed in delivering industry-changing technology.