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Mitch Upton



Mitch Upton is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Oracle, working in the Fusion Middleware Webservices team as the lead engineer for fundamental technologies such as reliable messaging, clustering, and persistence. He represents Oracle within the JCP program, serving as Spec Lead of JSR 350, Java State Management.

Previously, before joining Sun, now Oracle, in 2008, he represented BEA as a member of the Expert Group for JSR 112, J2EE Connector Architecture 1.5, as well as for the privately co-developed (non-JCP) Enterprise Metadata Discovery specification with IBM. In the application integration space, Mitch holds some exclusive US patents and many co-invented patents. Other projects throughout his career include designing a J2EE-based human workflow product and application integration product, an automated process flow engine, a high speed Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) system for tracking customer account activity, and a client/server system to assist in tracking projects and billing customers.

Java technology first got Mitch's attention when he was asked to write a user-interface toolkit that could be used on multiple platforms. He says, "Java was a natural fit. The cleanliness of the language along with built-in threading made it instantly invaluable in this effort." He is committed to developing APIs that clearly and succinctly reflect how a customer wants to work with features he writes. "Java offers a very clean and highly expressive set of language elements and utilities that makes this possible," he says. Moreover, Mitch recommends using off-the-shelf components rather than reinventing the wheel, and the Java language supports that. He says, "No other language offers the wealth of standard APIs and open-source implementations that Java does."

Mitch co-wrote the WebLogic-focused chapter in J2EE Connector Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration (2001), by Rahul Sharma, Beth Stearns, and Tony Ng. Mitch holds a bachelor's in Physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado (1989). He lives nearby in Denver, where he telecommutes to work. To take a break, he works on hot rods as an amateur mechanic and goes camping or does other outdoorsy activities.