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Ronald Toegl


IAIK of Graz University of Technology

As a Senior Research Assistant in the Secure and Correct Systems Group, Ronald Toegl is employed by IAIK of Graz University of Technology, in Graz, Austria, where he is pursuing a doctorate. His research interests include IP-based communications, formal methods in security APIs, and protocols for Trusted Computing.

Ronald represents IAIK in serving as Spec Lead for JSR 321, Trusted Computing API for Java. JSR 321 is the Java specification that allows software developers to access a hardware Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and provides them with a compact, high usability interface. It is based on the functionality of the TPM Software Stack specification of the Trusted Computing Group. Related lab exercises were used in European Trusted Infrastructure Summer School (ETISS) and published in academic workshops and Wiley's Software: Practice & Experience journal. Ronald and his Expert Group, which includes academicians and individual members, have been fully committed to developing and maintaining the now-released standard with as much transparency as possible. The JSR 321 page on the site propels readers to a second website, where people can participate in the development and access the latest drafts of the source code.

The JCP community nominated JSR 321 Most Innovative JSR in 2011. The previous year, Ronald was named Outstanding Spec Lead, with the comment, "With his passion and continuous effort he not only brought JSR 321 to EDR stage despite a more than challenging time, but he also inspired companies to adopt the JSR and implement against it already." He had also been nominated for the Most Outstanding Java SE/EE Spec Lead award the year before.

Ronald's work has been published as proceedings of numerous professional conferences, in articles of journals including Journal of Supercomputing, and through live presentations all over the world (Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, China, Korea, and the United States). Ronald is fond of globe-trotting, skiing, history, and electronic music.