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Manik Surtani


JBoss/Red Hat

Manik Surtani is determined to make "technology work for mankind" and not the other way around. He co-founded a startup in 1998, building online knowledge-exchange systems. As the systems, originally built in PHP and C, grew more complex, the need to transition to Java became obvious. The advantages included tooling, rich libraries, active and healthy community of developers, and a burgeoning collection of open source application servers and runtimes. Manik fell hard for the technology, becoming a Java EE consultant for five years, working mainly on mission critical highly available systems.

Manik became Lead R&D Engineer at JBoss for a year before Red Hat, Inc. acquired the company in 2006. That same year, Manik joined the JCP program to become an Expert Group member for JSR 107, JCACHE ? Java Temporary Caching API, and, much later, Spec Lead of JSR 347, Data Grids for the Java Platform. Now a Senior Principal Software Engineer at JBoss/Red Hat, Manik is founder and project lead of Infinispan, an open source data grid and cloud storage platform, and of Red Hat's related Enterprise Data Grid product. He co-founded JClouds, a multi-cloud portability library for Java, was lead engineer on JBoss Cache, and was a core contributor on a number of other JBoss products, including JGroups, and the clustering and high availability features in the JBoss Application Server, Hibernate. Infinispan, JBoss Cache, and JGroups are core building blocks to many Java-based clustering solutions. Manik is also a committee member of the London Java Community (LJC), a large, active JUG.

Manik holds several patents, most of which are in the area of distributed computing. He has a BSc, with first class honors, in Computing, from the University of Wales, Swansea (1997). Although his academic background involved research in artificial intelligence and neural networks, his current interests lie in cloud and distributed computing, autonomous systems, and highly available computing. He is a champion of open source processes. His Devoxx 2010 presentation on "Hacking Infinispan" is available on Manik communicates through a homepage, a blog, and Twitter @maniksurtani. For fun, he climbs mountains, rocks, and frozen waterfalls.