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Bill Shannon



Bill Shannon is an Architect at Oracle, where he has worked since 1982. In the early years, he worked on the JavaMail API, the HotJava Views product, the Common Desktop Environment, the Solaris operating system, and all versions of SunOS. In more recent years, Bill became one of the primary architects of Java EE. Within the JCP program, he served as Spec Lead to revise the Java EE specification, leading JSRs 58 (Java EE 1.3), 151 (Java EE 1.4), 244 (Java EE 5), 316 (Java EE 6), and 342 (Java EE 7). He has also acted as Maintenance Lead to update his earlier work through JSR 904, JavaMail Specification; JSR 919, JavaMail; and JSR 925, JavaBeans Activation Framework 1.1.

By June 2005, Bill was awarded Most Outstanding Spec Lead for Java Standard Edition/Enterprise Edition at the annual JCP Awards ceremony. He earned this distinction for his technical acumen, his ability to build consensus among Experts who may not share identical goals, and his efficiency in guiding the development process. He was also inducted into the original Star Spec Lead Hall of Fame.

Bill graduated from Case Western Reserve University with an MS in Computer Engineering in 1980. Case is a private research university in Cleveland, Ohio that shapes "renaissance" students who are well grounded in science, technology, and liberal arts. After moving to California, Bill took up bicycling, which helps him unwind.